Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Ben Zamzow first picked the drumsticks over 20 years ago at age nine. Ben continued to study classical percussion, drumline, and drumset throughout his youth, all the while playing in as many garage bands and school ensembles as he possibly could.

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Now a veteran of the Baltimore music scene, Ben stays busy with a myriad of different projects. Currently, you will find him grooving with Heavy Wire, Honeytomb, Disarmer, Pocket Bells, the Mike Westcott Band, and the David Andrew Smith Band. Ben has also worked with JP Gaster (Clutch), J Robbins (Magpie Cage), Drew Mazurek,  the Bachelor Boys Band, Lovely Rita, Private Contractors, Bravenoise, New Media, Outcalls, Blind Rhetoric, Eureka Birds, NASAwives, and more. Additionally, he has shared the stage with nationally recognized bands such as Local H, Screaming Females, Emily Wells, Polaris, HRVRD, and Superheaven.

In addition to his many musical endeavors, Ben has spread the joy of percussion through teaching for over 10 years.


Lionize - Nuclear Soul
Helmet - Aftertaste
True Widow - AVVOLGERE
Quicksand - Interiors
Big Jesus - Oneiric