Zach is an active and dedicated musician living in Baltimore City. His love for playing music began at a very early age, and over the years he has dedicated time and effort to the study of a wide range of instruments including voice, clarinet, guitar, and piano in addition to his main focus on the saxophone. After hearing a John Coltrane record in High School, he knew he wanted to further explore the saxophone and pursue a deeper understanding of music at the university level. He currently is a part of the Jazz Studies Program at Towson University where he studies under esteemed saxophonist Jason Rigby. During his career at Towson, he has had the honor and fortune to study under world-class musicians Dave Ballou, Darryl Brenzel, Jim McFalls, Jeff Reed, and Tim Murphy, as well as saxophonists Tim Berne, Tony Malaby, and Ellery Eskalin. 

Currently, Zach plays and composes original music with a number of local and bands and Jazz ensembles. He holds a steady gig with many well acclimated tribute and cover bands around the Baltimore area including Beggars Banquet : The Rolling Stones Tribute. He has had experience in professional recording studio settings on multiple occasions, including recording a debut album at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore with his Jazz Ensemble, Fuss, of which he is also a founding member. Whether it's playing funk and groove music at WTMD's First Thursday Festival or playing jazz standards in an intimate club setting, Zach considers all of his musical endeavors important in developing as a well-rounded and experienced musician.

Zach draws on all of his experiences to help guide his students to discover their fullest potential not just technically, but creatively as well. Through offering students knowledge of the basics on saxophone and clarinet, as well as study in concepts of Jazz improvisation and Theory, Zach works to lead students to find their own unique and powerful musical voice.


The Mark Guillian Jazz Quartet  - Family First
Ravi Shankar with Philip Glass - Passages
John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
The Band - The Last Waltz