There's no better time to learn the ukulele than 7:45 a.m.!

Roxanne and I have begun our 6:30 a.m. coffee routine to make sure we're ready to bring your children the BEST BEFORE-SCHOOL UKULELE PROGRAM AROUND!  I'll be teaching classes at Cromwell Valley Elementary, Stoneleigh Elementary, and West Towson Elementary and Roxanne will be at at Rodgers Forge Elementary.  We'll both be using the same Uke101 curriculum that can be viewed on our Uke101 site.

In the class, students will get an overview of the instrument and instruction on how to play chords and melodies as they relate to popular songs.  Since it's easy to carry, and easy to push down the strings, the ukulele is a perfect instrument for students beginning their musical paths.  The chord shapes mimic those on the bottom four strings of guitar too so it's a great entry for students who wish to learn guitar later on. 

If you missed the registration date this time around, we do private and group ukulele lessons here!  Just check out our signup page for ukulele lessons.  Otherwise, we hope to have even more classes and opportunities for students during the spring enrichment clubs.  We'll keep you posted.